Main Sale: 10/08/2018 - 11/05/2018
Casino & Gambling Cryptocurrency

BX is a global, decentralized peer-to-peer betting and prediction market ecosystem that will allow its users to place bets on any market created by the community using the BX token.

With the smart contract power of the ethereum blockchain, BX is able to cut out the middleman and give its users full control over their funds and betting transactions at all time.

BX aims to completely disrupt and redefine the traditional betting industry by offering its users a unique betting experience.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem which fully supports each of the following market types, to provide a truly unique and engaging experience for all players.

Our decentralized, blockchain based approach eliminates non-distributed processes and allows players to benefit from full transparency and total control over their betting experience. We remove the middleman and hand control back to the user.

BX neutralises all problems and weaknesses from the current betting market, by introducing a powerful and distributed ecosystem running on self-executing smart contracts, which significantly cuts transaction and operational costs.

BX combines betting on the blockchain with the most advanced and transparent betting concept: a betting exchange with the goal to create a whole new experience for our users.

300 USD – 2000 USD: 15 % bonus
2,000 USD – 
15,000 USD: 20% bonus
15,000 USD: 30% bonus