Borneo Coin

Main Sale: 06/01/2018 - 07/31/2018
Crowdfunding & Lending Investment & Financial Services

Owning Borneo coin will allow you to participate in Blockchain projects run by Borneo First (BF). Our projects aim to unleash the true potential of Borneo Island while maintaining harmony with its rich nature and wildlife.

In the beginning, we will focus on three main projects: Coal Green Mining, Independent Power Plant and Cryptocurrency Mining.

Meanwhile, we also have some projects in the pipeline including CSR projects focusing on sustainable reservation endangered species such as Orang Utan.We foresee that some of these projects could result in another blockchain powered cryptocurrency, which will benefit BF community financially. BF team will work continuously to add more value to Borneo coin while also actively communicating with its supporting community to decide which projects BF should pursue.

There are many reasons to invest in Borneo. The third largest island in the world-after Greenland and New Guinea-is known for its abundant natural resources and tremendous economic potential.

Referral Bonus: 30%, 1 BMG= USD 0.30

Main Sale:
Phase 1, Referral Bonus: 20%, 1 BMG= USD 0.50
Phase 2, Referral Bonus:
1st Week 15%
2nd Week 10%
3rd Week–End 5%