Bixtrim ICO


Main Sale: 09/15/2018 - 12/25/2018
Trading & Exchanges

The crypto-currency market and its popularity are growing with each passing day. Crypto-currency is the way of the future. In this fast-paced environment, BXM tokens are specially designed to provide advantages and discounts to our customers on our services. Regardless of whether the crypto-currency market goes up or down, traders will still buy and sell their coins. BXM tokens will therefore always be needed, since they provide an additional discount on the platform and increase the revenue from each order.

The Bixtrim team has an innovative vision of a future with simplified usage of crypto in every day life and we want our customers to be a part of it.

The popularity and quick success of cryptocurrencies has made it crucial for infrastructure and functionality to keep up. That is exactly why we found so many obstacles and issues that needed to be solved. Our team of like-minded people rallied in order to make these revolutionary ideas a reality.

A token refers to a digital asset that is sold for fiat currency (USD, EUR) or crypto currency of liquid value (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Tokens can have various functions, for example, they can give access to services of the company.

Bixtrim tokens can save you up to 60% on transaction fees on other exchange markets. In this case, the tokens of Bixtrim have the cost of $1 (not including various discounts during the ICO period) and can have the value of the money you save on transaction fees, which makes it’s value significantly higher than the cost.

Bixtrim will develop a crypto pawn shop where coin owners can pawn them for a period of time and get them back after paying off the commitment. This possibility gives customers an opportunity to keep coins, as well as get the needed cash for a short-term and profit in a long term. Imagine a customer that has one coin which is worth $ 10.0K today. They need extra appliances to work out the additional cryptocurrency, so they decide to pawn the coin for 80% of its price, i.e. $8.0K. They use cash to expand mining, earn money and after a month pay off the pawn for $8.4K. By this time, the price of coin has risen to $20.0K. If they exchange the coin into cash they will get $9.6K profit from the transaction. Please note, that actual rates may vary.

Main Sale:
Phase 1 of Sales, 15-25 September:
1 300 000 BXM, 60% discount with minimum order 30 tokens
Phase 2 of Sales, September25- October 5: 2 600 000 BXM, 40% discount with minimum order 30 tokens
Phase 3 of Sales, 5-15 October: 3 900 000 BXM, 20% discount with minimum order 30 tokens
Phase 4 of sales, October 15 – December 25: 42 800 00, regular sales with minimum order 30 tokens