BitEsprit ICO


Main Sale: 07/01/2018 - 07/31/2018
Cryptocurrency Trading & Exchanges

The BitEsprit exchange will feature more than 100 cryptocurrencies to trade against major cryptocurrencies as well as against fiat currencies, and will operate with a low fee structure, half of which will be payable with BEC.Our exchange will facilitate copy trading alongside simple buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, and it will also make it possible for our users to have their own BitEsprit debit cards issued that are linked to the fiat funds on their user accounts. Our exchange will also have its advanced, built-in charting solution so that everything comes to the doors of BitEsprit’s users in one single online trading platform.

Our aim is to build a fast, user-friendly, and secure exchange that is available for users from all over the world under all circumstances. To this end, we will build a clustered server solution that provides 99.99% availability with no downtime.

This server structure will service a software solution that is able to carry out up to one million orders per second, and a user interface that is coded to minimize the load on users’ devices. Thus, our UI will be tailor-made for easy and flawless usage while being fully operational on entry level devices. Our services will also be fully accessible through our iOS and Android app. To eliminate obstacles caused by language barriers, our apps and website will support multiple languages.