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Bitcademy Football

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Bitcademy is multidimensional. We combine brick and mortar foundation and virtual world. We are football academies helping and empowering young players to achieve their dreams. We create and use new technologies, artificial intelligence and player predictions to make sure we have the best talent. Finally, we use marketplace powered by the blockchain to ensure fans participate in the game and create their future stars.

The idea of Bitcademy grew from a few passionate football minds, and their desire to empower the youth of underdeveloped nations, and also create a more level playing field. Bitcademy was developed to address the desire to be active in the ongoing development of the game of football, in a sustainable format utilizing today’s business and technology trends.

Bitcademy is a for-profit venture which presents each contributor with the opportunity to make an impact while participating in the upside witnessed in other cryptocurrency backed ventures. Your participation as a Gold or Silver Token holder will lead to immediate investment in underdeveloped countries, which has several benefits to the local economy, notwithstanding those for the youth players benefiting from Bitcademy.

Bitcademy’s model is a classic hub and spoke approach. Initially, Bitcademy will launch operations in Eastern Europe (the “Hub”) and begin to identify a few underdeveloped markets in Africa, and potentially Asia (the “Spokes”) designed to develop talented players aged 12 to 17.

Revenues are expected to be accreted from Bitcademy’s ability to attract, develop, and trade top talent to universities, semi-professional, and professional teams.

60% Bonus

Main Sale:
30% Bonus – 38.461.538
25% Bonus – 40.000.000
20% Bonus – 41.666.667
15% Bonus – 43.478.261
10% Bonus – 45.454.545
5% Bonus – 47.619.048
0% Bonus – 50.000.000