Main Sale: 06/01/2018 - 07/15/2018
Internet & Telecommunications Marketing & Advertising

– Replace mobile ads with a combination of cryptocurrency mining and data collection.
– Coins would be generated to the total supply via the “Proof of Work” algorithms, i.e. mining with desktop hardware. Miners would receive ADG coins as a reward, while contributing an additional 25% of coins to the so-called mobile pool. The mobile pool is the depot of coins to be shared by mobile app users and developers.
– In the mobile pool, we adopt the concept of “Proof of Usage”.
– Proof of Usage: since longer usage time will generate more analytic and usage data from app users, we would distribute the coins from the mobile pool based on the usage time, 79% will be distributed to app developers, 20% will be distributed to app users, and 1% will be acquired by ADGONOS as commission fees to keep ADGONOS operational.
– Users will be able to either sell ADG coins in the exchange or purchase items in the apps at a discounted price.
– App developers are expected to see a 78.38% increase in their revenue.

15 May 2018 – 28 May 2018: 25% BONUS
Main Sale Phase 1:
Jun 2018 – 21 Jun 2018: 10% BONUS
Main Sale Phase 2:
22 Jun 2018 – 15 Jul 2018