CoinTint Trust Rating

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Rating Done Right

CoinTint Trust Rating (CTTR) is the mark received by an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), following the evaluation of a multitude of items belonging to the ICO, such as whitepaper, product, road map, ROI, team, community and social media, and other items available at the time of the evaluation.

CoinTint Trust Rating (CTTR) will never be influenced by sponsorships, by paying the listing fee or by marketing your ICO with us.

If your ICO was rated poorly, make sure the project is feasible, you promoted your ICO enough to achieve the ICO’s soft/hard cap (investors/cap is achievable), team is real and was involved in similar projects (regarding the industry), whitepaper is not copied, good presentation of the product/website/ICO and, overall unquestionable behavior towards your investors and with regards to people’s investment in your ICO. and CoinTint personnel will never disclose the reason for rating an ICO with a specific CTTR, but you can find bellow a short guideline for ensuring your ICO will get a good CTTR:

There are a lot of other things that will affect your ICO’s CoinTint Trust Rating which are common sense and we won’t even bother to mention here.

CoinTint Trust Rating (CTTR) was created in the effort of keeping people away from bad investments. CoinTint Trust Rating (CTTR) is not a financial advice but we like to think it will help people by keeping them away from scams or failed startups.

CTTR will always prioritize the investor and his investment over the ICO and people behind the ICO.